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Rules and Policies

Please read the following Membership Agreement. It states the rules and policies for becoming a member of Country Singles Online. At the end, you will have the option of "Yes I agree and accept" or "No, I do not accept".

First, to become a Country Single, you must be at least 18 years of age . By selecting the 'Yes I agree and accept' button at the bottom of the membership indicates that you agree and are bound by all the terms and conditions of this agreement. Every time you log onto Country Singles Online you uphold the conditions of this agreement.

-CSO will not tolerate members who use our service for such means as solicitation for money, spam mail or any other form of harassment .  If a member is found to have used CSO to profit  from financial gain, or any other form of solicitation, they will be deleted from our database and billed for the full term of their membership without refund.  CSO also claims the right to compensation of up to $1,500.00.

-By becoming a Country Single, you are responsible for any information that you post in your profile. Country Singles Online is not the publisher of any information, but provides means of distributing such information that is given by it's applicants.

-Country Singles Online does not screen any of it's applicants or check for accuracy of any information posted. It is your sole responsibility when responding to emails, or setting up a meeting place with members of Country Singles Online. Please use discretion when doing so.

-Country Singles Online has the right to edit or refuse any application that may promote sexually explicit, racial remarks or other offensive material, We also reserve the right to reject offensive photos. (Photos must be G-rated)

-Information submitted to Country Singles Online must be information of the sole member who is applying. You give Country Singles Online the right to publish your photos that you upload on their various network sites.

-Names, addresses, and email addresses must be yours. If we find that a person has misused this in any manner, legal penalties will be insured.

-Although Country Singles Online takes measures in keeping our site wholesome, we do not take responsibility for offensive material that may have slipped in.

-You will treat all messages received from Country Singles Online as private and will not divulge any information to any others. You will not forward any information without the permission of the publisher of that information.

-You may not harass any members or use offensive language. You will not post information such as advertisements in any form of solicitation or chain letters.

-You assume full responsibility for all charges associated with your membership at Country Singles Online. You agree to not hold any employees of Country Singles Online responsible for any grievance or liability.

-You must be legally single to be a member of Country Singles Online. This means that you must either be divorced, widowed or never married. We do not accept married individuals or those who are separated.

-CSO does not refund membership fees. Please make a thorough free search before joining.

-Country Singles Online does not carry a warranty of any kind and reserves the right to cancel any membership that does not follow our rules and policies as stated above.

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